The Chipotle Steak Bowl That Left Reddit Disgusted

The Chipotle Steak Bowl That Left Reddit Disgusted


Chipotle is a fast-food company that is known for its burritos, bowls, and tacos. Their customizable menu and fresh ingredients have made them a popular choice for quick and convenient meals. However, a recent Chipotle Steak Bowl left many Reddit users feeling disappointed and disgusted.

The Chipotle Steak Bowl That Left Reddit Disgusted

The post on Reddit showed a photo of a Chipotle Steak Bowl with what appeared to be raw, uncooked steak. The user expressed their disgust, and the post quickly went viral, with other users chiming in with their own experiences.

What went wrong with this particular Chipotle Steak Bowl, and why did it leave Reddit disgusted? In this article, we’ll explore the possible reasons and discuss how Chipotle can prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

The Meat Didn’t Look Like Steak

On June 15, a Redditor turned to the platform to complain about a chunk of meat in their Chipotle steak bowl. “What in the world.” read the post. “This was the’steak’ I got in my steak bowl the other day,” it said, alongside a photo of what looks to be a brown mass.

The Meat Didn't Look Like Steak

Commenters were surprised that an employee didn’t notice the strange portion of food, to which the OP responded, “Me too, considering that was most of the steak contents in the bowl.” Apart from that monstrosity, there were maybe two additional little bits.”

The revelation “saddened” a Redditor who works as a griller. “Steak is also the simplest thing to make great.” “It only takes about a minute and a half to cook,” they wrote. Unfortunately, another commenter stated that this is a typical blunder at Chipotle Menu

“I gave up on getting the steak. I get odd chewy chunks every time I get it. “It appears that the quality has declined significantly,” they stated.

If you’re a regular at the restaurant, these Reddit users would suggest you to skip the steak the next time instead grill your own at home.

Possible Reasons For Disgusting Chipotle Steak Bowl

There are several possible reasons why the Chipotle Steak Bowl ended up being a disappointment to Reddit users. Some of these reasons include:

The Chipotle Steak Bowl That Left Reddit Disgusted

Undercooked Meat

Undercooked steak is one of the most evident reasons for the uncooked meat in the bowl. This could have occurred as a consequence of a mistake made during the preparation process, or as a result of a miscommunication between the customer and the personnel.

Quality of the Meat

Another probable explanation for the uncooked steak is poor meat quality. If the meat was old or inadequately stored, it may have resulted in undercooked or uncooked steak in the bowl.


Cross-contamination is a major problem in food preparation, particularly in restaurants. If the steak came into contact with other raw meat during preparation, it could have contaminated the dish and resulted in undercooked or uncooked meat.

Poor Quality Control

Finally, poor quality control could be to blame for the underwhelming Chipotle Steak Bowl. If there were not enough checks and balances in place throughout the preparation process, faults and inferior quality dishes could have been given to customers.

What Can Chipotle Do to Prevent Similar Incidents in the Future?

The Chipotle Steak Bowl That Left Reddit Disgusted

Chipotle can prevent such tragedies by taking these steps:

Quality Control Measures

Chipotle should implement stricter quality control measures to ensure that all their ingredients are fresh and properly prepared. This can include regular inspections and training for their staff to identify and prevent issues before they arise.

Staff Training

Chipotle should ensure that all their staff is properly trained on food safety and handling. This can include training on cross-contamination, proper cooking temperatures, and hygiene practices.

Customer Feedback

Chipotle should actively seek out customer feedback and address any issues promptly. This can help them identify areas for improvement and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.


Communication is key in any food service industry. Chipotle should ensure that there is clear communication between the staff and the customers, especially when it comes to special requests or allergies.

This can help prevent miscommunications that may lead to disappointing and even dangerous situations.


Chipotle may also increase transparency by disclosing more about their ingredients and preparation method. This can include information about their suppliers, how they store and prepare their goods, and any steps they take to assure food safety.


What happened on Reddit regarding the Chipotle Steak Bowl?

A user on the popular website Reddit shared a photo of their Chipotle Steak Bowl that was allegedly filled with raw, uncooked meat and other unsanitary conditions. The post quickly went viral and generated a lot of discussion and criticism.

What was wrong with the Chipotle Steak Bowl?

The user’s photo showed a bowl filled with raw, uncooked meat, which can be dangerous to consume. Additionally, the bowl appeared to be messy and unsanitary, with ingredients mixed haphazardly.

Was the Chipotle Steak Bowl an isolated incident?

It’s unclear if the incident was isolated or if other customers have had similar experiences at Chipotle locations. However, the company has faced similar food safety issues in the past.

What did Chipotle do in response to the incident?

Chipotle issued a statement apologizing for the incident and offering a refund to the affected customer. The company also promised to investigate the incident and take appropriate measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Can consuming raw meat be dangerous?

Yes, consuming raw meat can be dangerous and lead to food poisoning. Raw meat can contain harmful bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, and listeria, which can cause serious illness.

How does Chipotle ensure food safety at their locations?

Chipotle has implemented several measures to ensure food safety, including regular inspections, employee training, and strict food handling protocols. The company also uses high-quality ingredients and sources its food from reputable suppliers.

Can customers file a complaint if they have a bad experience at Chipotle?

Yes, customers can file a complaint with Chipotle’s customer service department or by contacting their local health department. Customers should provide as much detail as possible about their experience and any health concerns they may have.

Has Chipotle faced similar issues in the past?

Yes, Chipotle has faced several food safety issues in the past, including a series of E. coli outbreaks in 2015 that affected over 60 people in 14 states. The company has since implemented new food safety protocols to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

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