Chipotle Secret Menu

Chipotle Secret Menu


Chipotle Secret Menu – Chipotle is a well-known Mexican fast -food restaurant. They have delicious food, and the meats they use are natural.

Their vegetables are also grown on sustainable farms. Its easy to see why Chipotle menu prices is a good choice, but you will fall in love with this restaurant once you try the Chipotle Secret Menu.

The trick to finding out what’s on offer is the same as in many restaurants with secret menus. You can also order certain items in different ways to maximise your meal &don’t cost more.

These food hacks are important because dining out at restaurants isnt always possible due to financial constraints.


A quesarito, or burrito wrapped with a quesadilla instead of a tortilla, is a burrito. This makes for a very cheesy burrito.

You can either tell them you want a burrito wrapped with a quesadilla or order a quesadilla along with a burrito and then make it yourself. You can still order a burrito because you have the option to add whatever fillings you like.

According to the Chipotle workers, it can be not easy to make,
so dont order it during rush hour.

Instead, you can add a brief description to the text box or assemble it yourself to simplify ordering. In addition, you can add any of their toppings to it. Unfortunately, it costs an additional $3.50.



Although ordering nachos may seem a bit overwhelming, they are something you won’t find on the regular menu at Chipotle.

Do not be afraid to ask for these nachos when ordering. Ask for a bowl of chips to go with your nacho order. Add any toppings or protein you wish to the bowl.

You can order chips as an option to make ordering easier and less stressful. Order your bowl with regular ingredients, and then mix everything.

Order online and send written instructions for a bowl with chips. Or order both separately at home. A side of chips will cost $1.55, while a bowl will cost around $7 -9, depending on your protein. This means that loaded nachos will come in under $15.


Burritodilla is a combination of a burrito &a quesadilla. It’s a twist on the quesarito. The burritodilla, in essence, is a quesadilla with all the same fillings as a burrito.

However, because it can hold only half of the fillings, it is smaller and cheesy than the giant quesarito.

This is a quesadilla that comes with protein and other toppings. Or else the fillings will not be inside the quesadilla.

Online orders can be made by adding the details of the fillings you would like inside the quesadilla.

The 3-Pointer

Chipotle The 3-Pointer

The 3-pointer burrito has only three toppings or fillings. Because it is cheaper than the standard Chipotle burrito, it is on the secret menu.

This hack confused the Chipotle community, so a spokesperson for Chipotle clarified that a single serving of meat, sofritas or guacamole equals two points. All other items on the menu are at one point.

Follow the above-described process to order and get the “3 pointers” rate. You will be charged the regular burrito price if you add any toppings or fillings.



Chipotle’s quesadillas can be described as your regular quesadillas. They are flat burrito tortillas filled with cheese and melted in their presser.

This used to be a more secretive technique, but Chipotle has updated its online menu to include it as a Kid’s Meal. However, it is still not available on the official store menu.

You can order the quesadilla online, but it is not available in-store. Online orders include a cheesy quesadilla and three sides to choose from for $3.50 with no cheese and $4.50 with protein.

Taco Salad

Taco Salad

Taco salad isn’t on Chipotle list of most popular hacks. Its not available at all Chipotle locations.

Taco salad can be any of the salads on the Chipotle menu, served with an extra fried tortilla. You can order nachos with lettuce if it isn’t available at your Chipotle.

Double -Decker Taco

Double-decker tacos are a combination of a softshell taco and a regular taco. The cheese taco is on the bottom, &the regular taco with fillings goes on top.

Ask for a taco with your favourite fillings &a softshell cheese taco.

You can also order them separately and stack them yourself. This is probably the best option for online orders.

Double toppings

Most people only get one portion of each topping, but it is fine to request doubles and receive them free of charge.

If you are unsure, this will help. However,extra protein &guacamole may incur an additional charge.

Double Wrapped Burrito

Double Wrapped Burrito

Although most Chipotle employees would accept this if your burrito were falling apart, it is a good idea to request two tortillas to wrap up your burrito. Usually, you only get one tortilla. However, you can ask for two and get two burritos!



Yes, cilantro is the green herb in Chipotle rice. It’s easy to ask for it, and it’s completely free.

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FAQs – Chipotle Secret Menu

What is the Chipotle secret menu item?

The 3-pointer, a less expensive burrito choice on the Chipotle secret menu, only has two or three components totaling three points.

Does Chipotle still have a secret menu?

Secret Menu Items at Chipotle [Updated January 2023] Many people now know the truth about the Chipotle secret menu. The truth of the Quesarito rumours has been confirmed to have spread. Few people are aware that Chipotle’s hidden menu goes much beyond their famous mashup, despite the fact that many people have sampled the monster burrito concoction.

What does a 3 pointer mean at Chipotle?

A burrito that only has two or three ingredients and all of them are one point, with the exception of protein and guacamole, is referred to as a two-pointer or three-pointer. The price of a typical burrito at Chipotle is drastically reduced by ordering from these secret menu items.

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