Chipotle Drinks Menu

In conjunction with Tractor Beverage Co., Chipotle Mexican Grill will introduce a new range of organic beverages in 2020. Three delectable options are available in the new drinks: organic lemonade, Aguas Frescas, and tea.

Each beverage is produced with organic cane sugar, natural fruit juice, and no artificial flavours or preservatives. Fans of Chipotle can now have these cool drinks at any of the chain’s restaurants nationwide.

Following Chipotle’s recent statement that it would do away with single-use plastic straws from all of its restaurants, the company has now introduced these new beverages. This action was a part of Chipotle’s bigger initiatives to transform into a more environmentally friendly business.

Chipotle is reaffirming its commitment to giving customers wholesome and environmentally sustainable dining options by introducing these new organic drinks.

Chipotle menu prices are also a wonderful option? if you’re searching for a quick snack or a filling supper.

Chipotle Drinks Menu

Chipotle Drinks Ultimate Guide [Prices, Nutrition]


  • Organic Watermelon Limeade
  • Organic Lemonade
  • Organic Mandarin Agua Fresca
  • Organic Berry Agua Fresca
  • Mexican Coca-Cola
  • Mexican Sprite
  • Tractor Organic Black Tea
  • Tractor Organic Lemonade
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling
  • Blackberry Izze
  • Grapefruit Izze
  • Bottled Water (Ice Mountain)
  • Apple Juice (Nantucket Nectars)
  • Peach Orange Juice (Nantucket Nectars)
  • Pineapple Orange Banana Juice (Nantucket Nectars)

Organic Watermelon Limeade

  • 22 fl oz – $2.90, 230 calories
  • 32 fl oz – $3.20, 330 calories

On a sweltering summer day, nothing beats a tall glass of chilled watermelon limeade. It’s not only wonderfully hydrating, but it’s also nutritious and wholesome.

In June 2022, Chipotle released organic watermelon limeade as its first seasonal beverage; as such, it will only be offered in the United States and Canada for a brief period of time.

The watermelon limeade is the ideal summertime beverage since it has a rich, sweet-and-sour watermelon flavour with hints of lime zest. You should definitely give it a try before it’s too late since I thought it was delicious with my favourite carnitas burrito.

Organic Lemonade

  • 22 fl oz – $2.90, 150 calories
  • 32 fl oz – $3.20, 220 calories

This Chipotle beverage is the ideal fusion of tart and sweet flavours with deep traces of turmeric. It is loaded with vitamin C &works great with burritos &sides.

Tractor Organic Lemonade

  • $3.20, 140 calories

Made with just water, real lemons, cane sugar &turmeric, this drink is a must-try! It only has 140 calories &has a pleasant refreshing citrusy flavor with hints of sweetness and tanginess.

Organic Mandarin Agua Fresca

  • 22 fl oz – $2.90, 190 calories
  • 32 fl oz – $3.20, 280 calories

The new Organic Mandarin Agua Fresca from Chipotle is a great choice if you enjoy mandarines and healthy eating. Although this beverage has a small acidity, cane sugar balances it out.

Organic Berry Agua Fresca

  • 22 fl oz – $2.90, 200 calories
  • 32 fl oz – $3.20, 290 calories

Strawberries,cherries,pomegranates &cane sugar are used to make this beverage.Because it leans more toward the sour than the sweet,it will be ideal for drinkers who want a little zing.Additionally, Organic Berry Agua Fresca has a faint apple cider flavour.

Tractor Organic Black Tea

  • $3.20, 30 calories

High-quality Sri Lankan black tea, cane sugar and lemon are used to make Tractor Organic Black Tea. It has a flavour that is smooth and delicate with strong and energising overtones that will undoubtedly wake you up. highly advisable

Fountain Drink (Soda/Iced Tea)

  • 22 fl oz – $2.90, 0-230 calories
  • 32 fl oz – $3.20, 0-300 calories

Mexican Coca-Cola

  • 22 fl oz – $3.15, 150 calories

Mexican Sprite

  • 22 fl oz – $3.15, 160 calories

San Pellegrino Sparkling

  • $2.85, 0 calories

Blackberry Izze

  • $3.20, 170 calories

Grapefruit Izze

  • $3.20, 160 calories

Bottled Water

  • $2.65, 0 calories

Chipotle sells Ice Mountain bottled water, which is 100% natural spring water.

Apple Juice

  • $3.20, 240 calories

Peach Orange Juice

  • $3.20, 260 calories

Pineapple Orange Banana Juice

  • $3.20, 280 calories

Fountain Drinks

Coca-Cola: People all throughout the world adore the popular soft drink Coca-Cola. Chipotle locations sell this beverage.

Diet Coke: People all throughout the world appreciate the popular soft drink Diet Coke. Chipotle locations sell this beverage.

Sprite: People all throughout the world appreciate the renowned soft drink Sprite. Chipotle locations sell this beverage.

Dr. Pepper: People all throughout the world appreciate Dr. Pepper, a well -known soft drink. Chipotle locations sell this beverage.

Lemonade: People all throughout the world enjoy the popular soft drink lemonade. Chipotle locations sell this beverage.

Bottled Drinks

Chipotle has a large selection of bottled beverages to quench any desire. We have drinks for everyone, from traditional sodas to fresh fruit juices.


Your favourite sodas, such as Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, and others, are all available here. Try our authentically manufactured with real cane sugar Mexican Coca-Cola if you’re searching for something a little different.

Fruit juices and teas:

A variety of fresh fruit juices and drinks are also available. Since they are produced from genuine fruit, our juices are a great way to receive your recommended daily intake of vitamins. On a sweltering summer day, our teas, which are brewed with fresh ingredients,are ideal.

Naturally, we also provide water for individuals who want a cooling and hydrating beverage. Our filtered water is the ideal method to stay hydrated while eating.

Fruit Juice

We offer our guests a wide selection of fruit juices at Chipotle.Everything is available,including apple juice, grapefruit juice and orange juice. We also provide iced tea &lemonade in a range of flavours.We have a choice of fruit juices that can satisfy your thirst if you’re looking for something cool to drink.

Chipotle Drinks Menu Review


As an artificial intelligence with a linguistic model, I am unable to offer reviews of Chipotle drinks. Customers have, however, typically given Chipotle’s drink selections favourable marks.

Numerous customers have appreciated the soft drinks’ high calibre and noted that they are consistently kept clean and fresh. Customers praise the freshly squeezed juices and the home-made lemonade for being created with authentic ingredients and being exceptionally refreshing.

Customers have given the beer selections favourable reviews and praised the diversity of local and regional options. Overall, the drink selection at Chipotle is regarded as a wonderful addition to any meal and a wonderful compliment to the food menu.

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Chipotle’s head office address: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., 1401 Wynkoop St Suite 500, Denver, Colorado 80202, United States

Chipotle’s head office contact number: +1-303-595-4000

Chipotle Mexican Grill Headquarters Fax Number: +1-302-674-5266

Chipotle’s customer service number: +1-303-595-4000

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You won’t have any trouble ordering the ideal beverage to go with your burritos, tacos, and quesadillas now that you are familiar with all of Chipotle’s drinks. Whether you prefer watermelon limeade, organic black tea, or mandarin agua fresca, Chipotle has it all. You won’t have to forgo a cocktail after work thanks to Chipotle, which has more than 900 locations across the US and serves beer and delectable margaritas!

FAQs – Chipotle Drink


What is Chipotle agua fresca?

Water, fruits, and spices are combined to create the classic Mexican beverage agua fresca chipotle. It is frequently made with a base of either watermelon or cucumber, and any variety of fruits, herbs, and spices can be used to flavour it. Lime, orange, grapefruit, strawberries, and mint are typical flavourings.

What are the best drinks to drink at Chipotle?

The star of this just-sweet-enough fresca are organically grown berries. Drink it when you indulge in a favourite Chipotle dish. Lemonade contains a lot of flavour, a little sharpness, and a touch of sweetness. Sri Lankan black tea is wonderfully cooling and has a powerful yet subtle flavour.

Does Chipotle serve beer?

Whether you prefer watermelon limeade, organic black tea, or mandarin agua fresca, Chipotle has it all. You won’t have to forgo a cocktail after work thanks to Chipotle, which has more than 900 locations across the US and serves beer and delectable margaritas!

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