Chipotle Kids Meal Menu

I didn’t know that Chipotle had a kids menu with meal options until just recently. It’s not widely known, so I wanted to let you guys know about it so you could take advantage of it. Even better, it starts at less than $5!

Chipotle is one of my favorite fast food places, and I especially like that Rishi and I can go there together and both get exactly what we want (which is usually quite different, ha!).

There have been many times when we thought about taking the kids to Chipotle, but since we didn’t know what to get them, we decided not to.

Chipotle menu prices are also a wonderful option? if you’re searching for Mexican food.

Chipotle Kids Meal

Chipotle Kids Meal Sides


Kids meals also include sides! You can choose between fruit and tortilla chips.

And the drink could be organic chocolate milk, organic regular milk, organic apple juice, or soda.

How Can You Save More Money at Chipotle?

You can save some money by ordering a kid’s meal instead of an adult meal, since they cost less than $5 before tax.

Other ways to save money at Chipotle are to order a bowl and ask for a tortilla on the side (since bowls are usually bigger than burritos), share your adult meal with your kids, join Chipotle’s loyalty program, and follow them on social media to find out about deals.

It’s time to speak up! Did you know that Chipotle has a menu for kids? Have you given it a try?

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Chipotle Kids Meal

Chicken $ 5.55
Garlic Guajillo Steak $ 5.55
Steak $ 5.55
Barbacoa $ 5.55
Carnitas $ 5.55
Sofritas $ 5.55
Queso Blanco $ 5.55
Guacamole $ 5.55

How Much Does a Chipotle Kids Meal Cost?

The best thing about Chipotle’s kids meals is how cheap they are. The Build Your Own starts at $4.95,while the quesadilla starts at $3.95.

Choosing more expensive proteins or adding more toppings will make the price go up, but that is NOT a bad price!

What Is Inside  A Chipotle Kids Meal

I frequently get pizza or sushi to go on nights when we have a lot of activities planned. Both are detrimental to your health. I favour expanding the menu selections at quick -service restaurants. I disagree that fast food must be laden with fat, sugar &other ingredients whose names I cannot recall. And I have no need at all for a toy with my meal.

According to Chipotle, just because food is delivered quickly does not necessarily make it fast food. When I’m travelling, I frequently stop at Chipotle because I know I can grab a sizable salad with plenty of protein.

I’m confident that the restaurants will be well -run and clean, and I’m content with the source of the cuisine. When Im out there promoting the Mom Boss book and way of life, its a quick &easy method for me to keep my health in control.

Does Chipotle Have Kid-Size Bowls?

No, the only options for kids meals are tacos and quesadillas. However,the meals are delivered in a little tray where you can mix the taco ingredients to create your own bowl. More toppings can be added for an additional fee, turning the bowl into more of an adult bowl.

How to order Chipotle?

1.Order a quesadilla. Like most regular quesadillas, this one is made with chee.

2. Try making a “quesarito.” Try to order this when there isn’t a line, because it takes a while. You will get ingredients for burritos wrapped in a

3. Pick nachos. For a small extra fee, you can get fresh tortilla chips topped with cheese, beans, meat, and salsa.

4. Get extras that are “free.” You can get free extra rice or tortillas if you ask for them. One “hack” is to order a burrito bowl and ask for a free side of rice or beans.

Can Adults Order a Kids Meal at Chipotle?

Yes, that’s the answer. Woohoo! Since I can never finish my own huge burrito, I’m tempted to start ordering this instead. It costs less than buying a meal for an adult and still has a lot of food.

Only if you like to pile on a lot of toppings should you not order the kids’ meal for yourself. For an adult meal, you can add all the toppings for no extra charge, but for a kids meal, you have to pay for each topping after the first two.


  • Serving Size: 1 meal
Amount per Serving My Daily Value
Calories 510Kcal 34%
Total Fat 21g 33%
Saturated Fat 8g 47%
Trans Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 70mg 23%
Sodium 900mg 39%
Total Carbohydrate 64g 27%
Dietary Fiber 10g 40$
Sugars 2g 3%
Added Sugars 1.5g 6%
Protein 29g 60%
Vitamin A 150mcg 21%
Vitamin C
1.2mg 2%
Calcium 300mg 30%
Iron 2.88mg 16%

FAQs – Chipotle Kids Meal

Can adults get kids meal at Chipotle?

Anyone over the age of 18 can order a kid’s meal at Chipotle. You don’t even need to act like a child to get one. Recently, when my daughter wanted to go to Chipotle but I wasn’t that hungry, I learned this.

How does Chipotle Kids Meal work?

No, kids’ meals only come with tacos and quesadillas.But the meals come on a small tray where the taco ingredients can be mixed to make your own bowl. You can get more toppings if you pay more which makes it more like an adult bowl.

How many quesadillas come in Chipotle kids meal?

The picture above shows four small cheese quesadillas from Chipotle. I own the food on the plate. When I went on a trip with my three kids, I ordered too many cheese quesadillas at Chipotle &had to take some home:) The Chipotle menu does not list cheese quesadillas.

What is inside a Chipotle kids meal?

Start with a choice of two soft or crispy tortillas
Next pick one protein. We picked the responsibly raised chicken. …
Then add two fillings (like guacamole, rice, fajita veggies, or cheese)
For sides, pick from chips or the healthier option of fruit. We opted for blueberries. …
Last choice, your drink. …

What is the best Chipotle order?

My go-to food is a burrito with white rice, both kinds of beans, steak, mild, corn, and cheese. Ask them to mix it up every time before they wrap it. Shredded lettuce on the bottom, half white, any meat, preferably chicken, corn, sour cheese, crushed hard shell, and a vinny.

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