The Secret Menu Items You Need To Try At Chipotle

The Secret Menu Items You Need To Try At Chipotle


Chipotle is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the United States, known for its delicious Mexican cuisine. While many people are familiar with Chipotle’s regular menu items, there are actually a few secret menu items that you might not know about.

These items are not listed on the regular menu, but they are available if you know what to ask for. In this article, we will share some of the secret menu items you need to try at Chipotle.

But what does a secret menu have? In the case of Chipotle, these are menu items that are almost food hacks, but not quite.

Chipotle has more than a few tasty treats for you, like free fillings and condiments, sides, shells, and big bomber sandwiches. Here are some of Chipotle’s most delicious Secret Menu items.

Chipotle Cilantro

Chipotle Cilantro

Cilantro is a strong plant that can be used in many ways. It is both loved and hated. In fact, when it comes to this small green flavor, there is no “middle way.

” For the group members, cilantro adds flavor to soup, salad, nachos, and, well, you get the idea. If your food is boring, like white rice, cilantro gives it a little color and spice, making it better than it was before.

On the other hand, some people didn’t get the gene that makes them crazy about cilantro. They look down on the plant because it makes them feel sick.

Why? Food & Wine says that between four and fourteen percent of the people can’t stand it because it tastes and smells like soap to them.

No matter how you like your food, you should know that cilantro is on the Secret Menu at Chipotle. As much of this stuff as you want will be added.

Chipotle Cheese

Chipotle Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? Cheese is like bacon in that it makes most things better. But cheese can be used for more than one thing. It’s more than just a flavoring.

Cheese holds together the ingredients in your burrito, taco, or other food you can hold in your hand. When it’s hot, it melts and combines all the fixings into a wonderful mix of meat, beans, rice, and cheese.

CultureCheeseMag says that melted cheese can also help hold the burrito together, which is good because you don’t want your burrito to fall apart in your hungry hands.

But what kind of cheese does Chipotle serve? One Reddit user says that the place serves Monterey Jack. According to Proudly Wisconsin Cheese, it is “a semi-hard cheese” with a “mild, buttery flavor” and “super” melting properties.

This means that Monterey Jack cheese melts quickly and evenly, and it is the best way to hold together the fillings of your taco, burrito, or other cheesy food. Let’s have some cheese. At Chipotle, the more people, the better.

Chipotle Extra Toppings And Fillings

Chipotle Extra Toppings And Fillings

Let’s say you order a taco bowl, but the top looks kind of empty. The Secret Menu at Chipotle. One former Chipotle worker said on Reddit that you can get up to four spoonfuls of every filling for free, except for protein (beef, chicken, or plant-based chorizo), which costs extra, and guacamole, which also costs extra.

MeetAtRoam says that the fast food company has about 15 different toppings, such as grilled fajita veggies, two kinds of beans, three kinds of rice (but not white rice, which is also on the secret menu), and at least four kinds of fresh salsa.

Fillings are the same way. Enjoy those extras to make your burrito even heartier or your tortilla less pancake-like.

In a 2013 story, Business Insider did some math and, with the help of Chipotle’s Twitter people, came to the conclusion that there are at least 655,360 different ways to put together just the toppings.

Consider that. There are 655,360 different ways to make your stomach happy. The only exception is people who don’t like cilantro. Don’t worry, the sauces and fillings are coming.

Plain Rice

Plain Rice

Plain white rice might not seem like it fits, but you can get it. When people order a bomber burrito, crunchy taco, or burrito bowl from Chipotle, they often find that the rice already has cilantro in it.

Now, cilantro can give a dish color and flavor, but if you don’t like it or are allergic to it (this allergy is “rare,” but Healthline says that up to 4% of people have some kind of food allergy), don’t use it.

So, if you’re one of the few unfortunate people who can’t even stand to look at the green stuff, you can just order plain white rice with no green stuff on it from the Chipotle Secret Menu.

Extra Tortillas or Taco Shells

Extra Tortillas or Taco Shells

If you use a lot of the free sauces and fillings, your custom burrito, bowl, or something really good will probably be bigger than you expect. Because of this connection, the Chipotle Secret Menu is even better.

If you want all of those extra toppings of happiness—remember, you can get up to four scoops of each—ask for a taco shell as well. Reddit says that they now cost $0.25.

Before 2020, tortillas and taco shells were actually free, according to Today. But because some people were using this “hack,” Chipotle had to set the rules and take it out of the freebies section.

Still, 25 cents is not a lot for a big taco shell or two or three tacos (depending on whether they are made of flour or corn).

One Taco

Secret Menu

No one has ever said, “I only want one taco.” But, to be honest, sometimes all you want is a single taco. Maybe you only want one since you’re not hungry but want a crispy snack between lunch and dinner. Or maybe you’re short on cash and that’s all you can afford (it’s a good thing Chipotle offers free toppings and fillings).

Whatever the reason, you’re in excellent hands if you order from the Chipotle Secret Menu. They’ll serve you a single taco to match the solitary tear streaming down your cheek as you wish you could order more than one of these fistfuls of crunchy happiness.

While some former employees have claimed on Reddit that a single taco isn’t on the secret menu (they claim there isn’t one at all), if you simply ask for a taco, they’ll usually honor your request.

The 3-Pointer


This has nothing to do with basketball, but if you know about this Secret gem on the Chipotle Secret Menu, you’ll be running circles over folks ordering regular burritos.

There is some mystery behind the name: 3-Pointer. What gives it that name? Is it because ordering one seems like a great accomplishment? Yes, indeed. It is, in fact, a significant score. So that portion is correct.

Because it only has three ingredients, this Chipotle Secret Menu dish is appropriately dubbed the 3-Pointer (via Reddit). Each ingredient is given a unique number or point value.

It’s all about the scoring system, people. While proteins (including sofritos) and guacamole aren’t included in your 3-Pointer options (they’re two points), the rest of the fillings are only one point. What does this have to do with you? That means your vegetarian 3-Pointer selections are virtually limitless.

When it comes to pricing, a 3-Pointer costs somewhat less than a regular burrito. So, if you’re low on cash, this could be another alternative to consider. But don’t expect to get free fillings with your 3-Pointer. That will not work.


Chipotle Secret Menu

Nachos are possibly the most generally loved food (apart from burritos and tacos). The amazing thing about this cheesy, crispy (and messy) meal is that it’s available almost anywhere – baseball games, movie theaters, petrol stations.

Almost anywhere, in fact. It’s not on the regular Chipotle menu, which is frankly very strange. However, it is available on the restaurant chain’s Secret Menu.

According to Fast Food Menu Prices, Chipotle’s secret nachos are really an item already on the menu (and it’s pretty much totally “customizable”). The burrito bowl has arrived.

These bowls already have all of the nacho components that your little heart desires – rice, beans, protein, and unnecessary garnishes like fajita vegetables, sour cream, salsa… you get the point.

To get your Secret Menu nachos, simply order a burrito bowl but request that the rice be replaced with Chipotle’s zesty lime-scented tortilla chips.


Secret Menu Items

The quesadilla was not on the usual Chipotle menu prior to the COVID-19 epidemic. However, things have changed considerably since then, and as of March 2021, this south of the border grilled cheese is now on the normal, everyday menu… sort of, but not quite. It is only available as a digital download.

To meet the demand for the off-menu delicacy — which, according to Restaurant Business, is one of the “most requested” entrées at Chipotle — nearly every site that enables digital ordering saw the construction of special quesadilla “ovens.” Since the summer of 2018, these unique ovens have been tested at select Chipotle locations.

However, quesadillas will not be sharing the spotlight on the main Chipotle menu anytime soon. They will only be available for purchase through the Chipotle app and website.

However, quesadilla fans who order in person can be confident that their request for this comfort meal will be met by crew members.

Double-Decker Taco


You know those two-story buses that travel Europe? That’s what you might imagine when you think of a double-decker taco.

That bus, but in taco shape, is this Chipotle Secret Menu taco. Okay, so it sounds like eating one may make you feel like you’ve been struck by the double-decker food-coma bus, but that’s probably not the case because it’s one of the lighter options on the menu.

How so? Because the double decker is simply a taco snuggled within another taco, which happens to be a cheese taco (according to Spoon University). Beans, rice, maybe a protein, and greens are the most common fillings.

Because it is critical to consume your greens. Just consider it this way: The double-decker taco is just a taco cradled inside a cheese taco, similar to how a person is cradled inside a hammock. A taco hammock made of cheese. It’s time for a snooze.

Double-Wrapped Burrito

Double-Wrapped Burrito

If there is a “worst thing” about burritos, it’s when your handheld tortilla baton springs a leak and all of those free fillings fall to the floor.

Nobody wants a burrito that looks like Mount St. Helens (via USGS). To say the least, it’s an adventure. A harrowing learning experience (that will very certainly be repeated).

However, it is a fact of life. Burritos can’t always keep it together. And the only way to rectify it, short of inhaling it as rapidly as possible or, worse, using a fork and knife, is to wrap it in another tortilla.

Isn’t he a genius? This obviously will not work after the fact, so plan ahead of time and order your burrito double wrapped just in case. It is preferable to be prepared rather than afraid.

Don’t be afraid of the burrito. If you don’t want two layers of tortilla in your face, place that additional tortilla aside, and if your burrito bomb does explode a little, just let those fillings float gently upon your uninjured tortilla.



The name “burritodilla” suggests that this is some ridiculously large burrito that will really put you in your place. In truth, it’s just an oversized quesadilla on a hunger-satisfying quest.

That being said, it’s also one of the more popular products on Chipotle’s Secret Menu, and is basically simply an extra cheesy quesadilla with rice, beans, and your choice of protein, according to Secret Menu Wikia.

The ingredients are placed inside a flour tortilla, along with a few handfuls of cheese (let’s be honest, this is still technically a quesadilla), and folded in half. It is then divided into three triangles:

One for when you order, one for dinner, and one for anytime in the near future, because you’ll be stuck in the horizontal posture for a while.

The burritodilla primal scream is “food coma,” despite the fact that it’s considered a more “diet friendly” version of the restaurant’s quesarito (via HackTheMenu), because it only has half the quantity of toppings that a standard Chipotle burrito does (though how much more friendly is debatable).



f you thought the burritodilla was a monster, you haven’t met Chipotle’s Secret Menu’s big mother. The quesarito, ladies and gentlemen: A massive burrito with roughly 1,600 calories – for comparison, Taco Bell’s equivalent has only about 650 calories (via EverythingWhat).

This monster is revered by Chipotle customers and despised by employees who are forced to make this particular order (via Reddit). Why? Because this isn’t just any old burrito. It’s a burrito with a quesadilla as the tortilla. Yes. You got it right. Burrito encased in a quesadilla.

But, why is it so despised? Employees complain that their gloves don’t protect their fingers from the molten cheese that may drip out during the making of this ridiculously large burrito.

While it is one thing to prepare it, another difficulty is that some consumers would order it at busy hours. This eventually leads the line to back up, making the other customers who are waiting even unhappy.

Whatever your feelings are, the quesarito is a lovely creation revered by the burrito gods as a source of calorie-laden nutrition. Those who have perfected the art of preparing a burrito have attained legendary status.

The Taco Salad — No mas

The taco salad

It’s unfortunate, but true. According to HackTheMenu, the excellent taco salad is no longer among the Chipotle Secret Menu elite. While there is no specific end date, you can bet that fans of Chipotle’s secret taco salad are mourning just a little bit.There is, however, always a rainbow where there is rain.

Even if the taco salad itself is no longer accessible, there is a menu hack that will satisfy your taco salad hunger.It’s so basic that you’ll wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” When you consider the condiments in a taco salad, you can determine that the closest thing to it would be a burrito bowl or nachos.

Simply request more lettuce when ordering the burrito bowl. You could even request that your burrito bowl be served on a bed of lettuce, right? If you order nachos from the Secret Menu, just order lettuce as well. Remember, most toppings are complimentary.

FAQs-Chipotle’s secret menu

What is Chipotle’s secret menu?

Chipotle’s secret menu is a collection of off-menu items that you won’t find listed on the regular menu. These items are often created by customers or employees who come up with unique combinations of ingredients.

What are some popular secret menu items at Chipotle?

Some popular secret menu items at Chipotle include the Quesarito, which is a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla, the Burritodilla, which is a quesadilla filled with burrito ingredients, and the Nachos, which are loaded with toppings like cheese, beans, and guacamole.

Can you order secret menu items at any Chipotle location?

Yes, you can order secret menu items at any Chipotle location. However, not all employees may be familiar with these items, so you may need to explain what you want or show them a picture of the item.

How do you order a secret menu item at Chipotle?

To order a secret menu item at Chipotle, simply ask the employee at the counter if they can make it for you. If they’re not familiar with the item, you can explain what you want or show them a picture.

Are secret menu items more expensive than regular menu items?

It depends on the item. Some secret menu items may be more expensive than regular menu items because they contain additional ingredients. However, others may be the same price or even cheaper.

Can you customize secret menu items?

Yes, you can customize secret menu items just like you can customize regular menu items. You can ask for different ingredients or toppings, or ask for the item to be made a certain way.

Are secret menu items healthier than regular menu items?

Not necessarily. Some secret menu items may be healthier than regular menu items because they contain fewer calories or less sodium. However, others may be less healthy because they contain more cheese or sour cream.

Can you order secret menu items for catering?

Yes, you can order secret menu items for catering. However, you may need to explain what you want to the catering coordinator or provide a picture of the item.

Why are secret menu items not listed on the regular menu?

Secret menu items are not listed on the regular menu because they are not officially endorsed by Chipotle. They are simply creations of customers or employees who have come up with unique combinations of ingredients.

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